March 28th, 2008


The long road ahead.

Sitting in SFO airport.    Just took the smallest plane down from Sac that I ever road in.    I couldn't even stand up.   I think it was Lilliput Air operated by United.   So I have 3 hours till I leave for Taipei.   I have lots of work to do so I shouldn't be typing this.   But that's how it goes.    Yesterday's Oregon trip was pretty good.   Although I really don't like getting up at 4am to fly up there it was a good training session and I have to say that they eye candy in Portland/Hillsborough is quite nice.   Maybe they were lumberjacks but they were hot.

Next week will be interesting since I know so little about it.   Wednesday I recieved a call from my co-worker saying he was sick and couldn't make it.   (Some how he knew it would last all week???).   So being the good corporate citizen I am I said I would.   He better at least remember to thank me.   The co-worker I'm traveling with is an idiot.   I think that's why co-worker #1 wanted me to go to make sure co-worker #2 didn't screw things up with customers.

I actually have 2 extra days in Taiwan.   Don't know what I'll do.    Not really much I want to see but I'll check it out.   I think there is a spa at the hotel so I may just spend a day pampering myself on Friday.    That way I'll be relaxed for the light home on Saturday.  

I already miss John cause he was in bed when I got home last night.   So short of a quick hug an kiss this morning and 3 text messages we haven't really talked.

Here is the Liliput Air Plane I flew in.  

If your so Inclined I've posted pics here:

and will post more as the trip progresses.