July 19th, 2007

Me 2014

In the Navy....

The phone rang at 5:43 am this morning. I figured somehting terrible had happend. It did, sort of. My nephew Justin joined the Navy. Yesterday at 4am his ex-father (hey the guys barely been around for the last 15 years) picked him up and took him to the recruiter. He didn't sign up yesterday. But I guess he got up early this morning and went down and signed up. I think it's a 6 year stint. Amazing that someone that has only been 18 for 17 days and never been out on there own would do that. He goes in Dec 4th.

I'll post more later cause I'm still in shock.
Me 2014

Woo Hoo

Well I just have to counter my last post with a good one. This morning one of my co-workers gave me a gift. An X-Box 360. Yes the whole kit and kaboodle. She one it at WinHec and has had it at home. Since she and the boyfriend has only played it once and they already have a PS3 she decided to get rid of it. So feeling sorry for lettle ol consoleless me, she gave it to me. My xbox has been dead for 6 months. I was just getting ready to sell all the games. Now I can see which are compatible with the 360. Well almost time to go home and set it up.