February 20th, 2007

Me 2014

The Good, The Bad and the F*ing Awesome

First.   If you are not watching Heroes, go watch it right now.   I mean it.  Stop it.   Stop reading.  Go.  Go to NBC.com and watch the latest episode.   It is the best show in so long, if not in the history of television!   I mean it.

So this weekend was pretty boring.   I was off on Friday and did laundry.   Then I went to the Gym.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday we pretty much did nothing.   We did a lot of shopping.  Not much buying just a lot of shopping.   Oh yeah and eating.   I hate to see the damage when I go to Weight Watchers.

I need to find a Birthday Present for John but he just is not giving me any clues.   I took him shopping thinking he would go "Oh I want that" but he just hasn't.

Well must go back to work.   TTFN.