February 15th, 2007

Me 2014

VD Update

Last night John and I had Dinner at Headhunters. Dinner was nice. We both had Chicken Cordon Blue. I was impressed with the place as I always thought it was just a bar. Food was pretty good. Not the best I ever had, but good. The place was quiet and they had a piano playing so the ambiance was nice. We had a nice romatic dinner so it was fun. We ran into a friend John used to work with at AAA and chatted for a bit.

We then went home to watch Lost. I curse ABC for moving this show to 10pm. First it conflicts with Medium and second it is just too late to have a show like that on. It was a good episode (I think) but I fell asleep and will have to go back and watch it again. Part of me just wants to give up on this damn show and get an hour a week back.

Finally I just realized that much like discograssyesterday was CeCe's (our Dog's) Birthday. So happy belated Birthday CeCe.

So Happy Belated Birthday to She Who Must Be Kept.