January 20th, 2007

freeball, no underwear

Super Saturday.

Well it's Saturday. John's working. So I'm sitting at home surfing the net. No big plans today.

Yesterday work was pretty good. Took a long lunch and went shopping at lunch to spend the Gift Cards I got for Christmas. So I went underwear shopping. Strange part was, It was friday so I was freeballing. I seem to have an underwear fetish but I also like going without. What's a man to do?

Well that's it for now. Life is good but slow.
Me 2014

My obsession has been rekindled.

By the way my Matt Rogers obsession has been rekindled. If you haven't seen it check out his website here. Check out the honeymoon pics. Damn he is delicious!

Also he has a new show on Discovery called Really Big Things. Now the really big thing I want is that hot ass. But I'm gonna watch the show just for the wood it gives me.
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