January 9th, 2007

Me 2014

Vegas update

The week in Review:

Tuesday: Arrived in Vegas about 5pm. Wandered the streets and checked out
Mandalay Bay where convention and classes were the next day. Then I
wandered down the strip. Headed to Ballys and Caught the tram to Sahara.
Gambled at Sahara for a while then decided to head out. Took the bus down
to Freemont and checked it out. Didn't spend much time there. Grabbed the
bus back to the Strip. Stopped at Krave for a few drinks and since it was 2
for 1 night it turned into quite a few drinks. Several cute guys but none
where intrested in a fatty like me. Finally headed back to the Excalibur
and to bed.

Wednesday: Several classes in the morning (boring). At 5:30 rushed back
to hotel to change (Mandalay Bay to Excalibur by Tram) and then back to
Mandalay Bay to Catch the bus to Hard Rock. The closed Hard Rock Cafe for
us for a private party. Kinda cool to be at a private party at Hard Rock
in Vegas. Food was ok. Kareoke was awful. Things died down at 9:30 and
went back to hotel and crashed.

Thursday: Opening speech with Mick Fleetwood. Sound was terrible and he
seemed out of it. (The story I got later was he had food poisoning).
Didn't stay for all his Keynote and headed to expo floor to wait for it to
open. Then expo floor opened. Began wandering booths talking to vendors
and collecting samples.

Friday: One class and more wandering of the Expo floor. Friday Night
headed to the Spa at Excalibur. Nice spa a few hot naked men. A little
action in the steam room.

Saturday: Wandered expo floor. Then wandered the strip some more.
Finally headed back to Spa at Excalibur. I was out of money so $20 bucks to
sit in the spa was the best deal I could handle. Very slow night. Not
many men. Chatted with a cute fuzzy New Yorker and heard all about his wife
problems. Was a nice relaxing night. Then had a late dinner and headed
back to the room.

Sunday: Woke up early and went to McDonalds. What a great place to watch
people at 6am. So many drunks that had been up all night. Went back to
the room finished packing and headed to the airport. Was home by Noon.

Since I lost the majority of my money I spent most of my time just people
watching. A platoon of Air Force men showed up so I watched them for a



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