December 27th, 2005

Me 2014

Christmas Update

Had a great Christmas. We went to John's Parents house on Christmas Eve and
had dinner and exchanged gifts with his family. We then went to his
sisters house and spent the night since his Mom is in town from Temecula.
We then had more gifts in the morning.

Christmas day we went to my Sisters house and had Dinner and Gifts with my
family. All in all it was a great Christmas. Tons of pics posted at my
Flickr site.

A few of the things I got:

Chocolate and lots of it.
Sims2 for PSP (this is so addictive!)
Crash Bandicoot for PSP (haven't even played it yet cause I'm so wrapped up
in the Sims)
New Shaving kit
Borders Gift Card
Regal Cinemas Gift Card
New Sweater
And my most favorite gift - Sirius Sattelite Radio!!! John got me the one
that also has a boom box so I can go from Car to House.

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Me 2014

The most expensive present.

So Christmas Eve morning I wake up to find out CeCe (the dog) has eaten 3 bars of Dark Chocolate. Well chocolate is not good for dogs and dark chocolate in large quantities can be fatal. I had an appointment to have her boarded at the vet's since we were spending the night up at John's sisters. I took her in with the remains of the wrappers and they said the should induce vomiting. So I told them go ahead. Well come to find out it costs over $100 to induce vomiting in a dog. So all total with boarding, a bath, Advantage for fleas, and toenail trim it cost me $263 dollars. That's money that could go towards the hot water heater I need!

But she is all better now.

This is her "I didn't do it" look.