November 14th, 2005

Me 2014

Sometimes you just don't notice things about yourself.

Ever notice that sometimes you just don't notice things about yourself? Case in fact, yesterday I was looking in the mirror and noticed something. My ass has gotten huge. I don't know when it happened but it definetly has gotten big. It's not really a bad thing, I really don't care as long as I can still fit in chairs and stuff. It just caught me by surprise. I know I have a belly, I have consistently beenable to ignore it and pretend it will go away, but this ass thing has got me stumped. Did a hoard of bees sting me and make it swell up? Could I be retaining water down there? I just don't know. I've been going to the gym at 3 times a week and other than seeing all the hot guys and getting worked up, I'm not sure it's doing anything for me. I think my waist has gotten smaller I was almost able to fit into 36's the other day. Well let's just hope that 45 minutes on the stair master three times a week will do something besides make my ass bigger other wise I'll have to apply for a zip code for it.

Also I gave in and posted a profile on Not that I'm looking for hookups but I love trading pics.

Next up. Glens comes to the conclusion that he is becoming his father.