July 21st, 2005

Me 2014

Random Ramblings on Parents, Bigotry and getting old.

First off, I just spoke with my Parents.   My Mom is fine.  She fell out of bed and cracked/broke a rib.

Second, I had to hang up on them (They were both on the line at the same time).  It seems they are building a Mosque in Folsom and they are all upset about it.  I won't repeat some of what they said but needless to say they are hateful bigots.  But what can I do they are my parents.  Love the sinner hate the sin, right?  I'd like to try and enlightnen them but I think it is just hopeless.  Reminds me of the show "30 Days".  Where someone lives in someone elses life for 30 days.   They had a white christian go live with a muslim.  It was quite interesting.   I recommend it if you haven't seen it.

Third,  I'm just feeling old.   I'm 42.  God I never thought I would be this old.   I have grey chest hair.  That is just wrong.