July 10th, 2005

Me 2014

Something scary this way (has) come.

I was in Borders Tonight. Have they been bought by the Republicans? There is now 4 full isles of Christian Books (not including the whole row of Bibles). The gay and lesbian section is now one row on one shelf. And the gay and lesbian literature it's two shelves. Where did all the gay books go?

So the neighbors are selling their house. It went on the market Friday. Yesterday I dug out the big ol rainbow flag and hung it out front to make sure people knew that gays lived next door. We just talked to them and they already have 7 offers 2 over the asking price.

Next post in 5 minutes.
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Me 2014

The garage is complete.

So I have been cleaning the garage for nearly two weeks since we got the cabinets. Today it is finally finished.

My side of the garage.  Motorcycle all neat now.

John's Side.  Bicycles hung up and lawnmower fits now.


And I went out and bought me this to celebrate.

And now my tools are all organized too.

Of course as soon as it cools off I want to paint it.  And probably epoxy the floor too.