March 31st, 2005

Me 2014

It's sad.

When society and politicians, not to mention news people, politicize someones personal plight so much that one finds it a relief when they die.

I'm sorry Terry. It's not your fault.

Now back to Popewatch 2005....
Me 2014

Lunch at Sams Club, only $400.

I needed dog food. I've been so busy I haven't had time to pick it up. So I ran to Sams Club at Lunch. Bad move. They didn't have dog food. But they Did have Play Station Portable. So I bought myself one. John bought himself one last night and I can't let him out do me. I'm the techie dammit!

Well then I had to go to Costco to Actually get the dog food. Ended up being late for my 1pm meeting and didn't get lunch.

Oh well. After work I get to play with my new toy!