March 22nd, 2005

Me 2014

Bringing my parents into the 21st Century.

My parents didn't have a DVD Player. We bought them one last year but they never hooked it up. So this weekend when I was there I asked my Mom where it was and she said over there in the box. So I unboxed it and hooked it up. Since I had bought The Incredibles in Fullscreen and really wanted widescreen, last night I bought myself the widescreen and gave them the Fullscreen. I also Taped a bunch of shows for her and burned them to DVD. I showed her how to work it at lunch.

They want to move it to their front room but they don't have cable where they want to put it. So I need to go get in their attic and run the cable so I can hook it up. They had bought a new entertainment center before my Dad's surgery and it's still just sitting there.
Me 2014

Strange Dreams Last Night

First I dreamed I died my hair black, with shoe polish. Huh???

Then the rest of the night I dreamed about Bathrooms and showers. I was at my parents house and they had a bathroom with like 8 showers all of them not working. I was running around looking for a shower and none of them worked. Then I was in a public bathroom and it had like 10 beautiful showers and a giant bathtub.