March 21st, 2005

Me 2014

Monday, Monday, So good to me. NOT!

I hate Mondays. Busy day at work. Meetings Meetings Meetings. Took my Mom and Dad to Lunch at Sizzler. Had a nice lunch.

Tomorrow I have to run my Mom to her doctors appointment and Thursday I have a doctors appointment. I'm tired of Doctors and hospitals.

My sister called she said she is going to have to have her dog put to sleep. I told her she better hurry or congress might intervene and put it on life support and then she would be responsible for a vegi-dog.

So aren't they undermining the whole sanctity of Marriage they are trying to protect? Shouldn't a husband have the right to make decisions for his wife. Or that's right as long as it doesn't conflict with the religious right.

If california passes a constitutional amendment, I am out of here.