February 17th, 2005



Well woke up yesterday feeling icky. Went to work and made it about 20 minutes. Most of that spent in the restroom.

Was running a fever of about 101. Feeling better today but stayed home from work. Really need to get my homework done, I have an assignment due next week and if we are going to SF this weekend I won't have time. I got tickets to Alcatraz at 12:45 on Sunday so that should be cool.
Me 2014

I'm going to bitch now....

So Monday my boss set up a 1:1 with me. Keep in mind I was off Monday to take care of my mom. When I get in Tuesday there are two messages from him that he was calling for our 1:1. I didn't make it in till 9:30 cause I had to take my mom to get blood work done.

So I rescheduled with him. He called me at 1:30 and we talked. I told him that I really don't feel I have a direction and not sure what training to take. He offered some advice (most of it bullshit).

Then I told him that my Dad was going in for Open Heart surgury and I would need to take some time off. His response - So you'll be taking vacation? Well if this would have been either of my old bosses I wouldn't have even had to ask, they would have told me to take time off and not worry about it. So I told him if that's what I have to do. Then he says "I'll pray for you and your family". I could not fucking believe it. I don't want I fucking prayer I want time off with pay!

Must find new job....