January 27th, 2005

Me 2014

I am so tired.

Not just that physical tiredness you get, but I am emotionally tired too.

Can't think straight enough to do a good job verbalizing so I'll just make a list.

1.) Mom's still in the hospital. Doing well and hopefully she will be home today.

2.) 3rd night of class was last night. Good class, I'm really liking VB. The teacher though is a bit wierd.

3.) Work sucks. Met with my new manager and we really got off on a bad start. Told him this is not the group I want to be in or the work I want to be doing. Working on the project from hell. Everyone has been re-orged and trying to pick up the pieces. Our job application tool has been down for 2 days so I couldn't even look for another job.

4.) Got my W2 today. Made a lot of money but have no idea where it all went.

5.) Going to Brew Beer on Saturday that is going to be fun. Massage tomorrow. :)

Must get back to work now.

Oh one more thing. Monday I hesitated leaving for work. Just didn't want to leave so I left 15 minutes late. There was a head on crash. Today I woke up at 6. But just didn't want to leave the house. Guess what there was a head on crash. They were both on my route and right about the time I usually drive by....