January 1st, 2005

Me 2014

Things change at 40.

Don't let them fool you. Your body changes, your attitude changes. New Years changes.

So our New Years consisted of dinner at Brew It Up. Our waiter was a very Woofy guy named Mike who we recognized as the partner of Adam. Shortly we put together that we actually knew him from a Halloween party at our house a couple years ago. Other than being expensive (It seems the "special" New Years menu is just to mark everything up 5 bucks) and a beer being spilt on us, dinner was pretty calm. I was suprised how empty the resturant was.

We then went over to our friends Erika and Nils house and drank beer and watched videos. We watched Saved which was pretty good and The Chronicles of Riddick which I slept most of the way through.

Speaking of sleeping, we got home at about 1am last night and I woke up 12:01 pm today. Wow. 11 hours of sleep, I feel rested.

Just finished taking the tree down and have that strange feeling that it's gone and I miss it, but also that the house looks so much tidier without it.

Oh no it's the New Year. Guess I can't put it off any longer. Let the Weight Watching © begin.
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