December 20th, 2004

Me 2014

Weekend Update

John's Work Christmas Party.  Pretty Blah.  I had raw steak (which I don't eat in the first place but the Chicken had Shrimp which I'm alergic to.).  Basically my dinner consisted of a baked potatoe and bread.  Yeah just the kinda stuff I need to be eating.  After dinner was Casino Night.  They give you $500 in chips and you can play Black Jack, Roulette or Craps.   Well all ok.  But we had the ditziest dealer that couldn't deal black jack.   I finally just gave up.  We ended up giving our chips to one of John's co-workers and just heading home.

This was a great day.  Went to a party at our Financial Planners and his partners house.  It was a mixed group but we definitely had the advantage.  Much fun ensued.  As I previously posted they had my favorite Gin (Tanquery) and I proceeded to get lit.  Well some of the happenings of the night was one of the hosts crashing into the Christmas Tree and tipping it over.  I had to refrain from laughing.  It wasn't untill later in the night that I found out for a $10 tip you could feel the cute bartenders butt (as long as his Fiancee wasn't around).   Well I really refrained from getting to beligerant.  Finally around 9 (the party was from 2-7) the hosts let the help join the party.  Said cute bartender proceed to join us in a bit of Kareoke.  We played some pool and some darts and finally left around 12:30.  I really have to remember to send them a thank you note as that was one of the best Christmas parties I have been to in a long time.

I slept till 10 am.  We vegged around the house until around 3pm.   Went to CompUSA and got my laptop.  Woo Hoo so nice to have it back.    We arrived at John's Parents house at about 3:45.  He had told me dinner was at 4.   Well when we got there we found out his father had told him to be there at 1pm.  That's one thing about my husband is he always makes me late.  Oh well.  We had a decent dinner and exchanged gifts.   I got a really cool pair of Flannel pants with the Kings emblem on them but when we got home I realized I left them up there.  :(  Well I guess I won't see those till we go back on the 6th. 


My new (well recycled actully) favorite saying.

Two tears in a bucket, mother #@)( it.