November 21st, 2004

Me 2014

My laptop died!

Well yesterday I was trying to read and post from my usual place on the couch, sitting in front of the TV with my laptop. it suddenly rebooted. I tried everything and then it wouldn't turn on. It's only 3 years old. I'll have to take it in and see if they can fix it. I really can't live without it. No I actually have to go upstairs to surf the web.

Well yesterday I went over to my friend Beths house and helped her with her computer. After getting it to a point where I could connect to the web I downloaded Adaware and found over 2000 issues with it. I was finally able to remove them all and update her Virus software but since it's windows 98 I couldn't load McAfee AV 7.1. I was able to burn all her pictures to cd for her so now she is going to get XP and rebuild it.

Today we went to the harvest festival at Cal Expo. I bought some soup mixes and stuff. Then we went shopping and bought some art supplies. Finally we had cheesesteaks for dinner and wandered through walmart.
Me 2014

Oh my god!

Buffy Season 7 is out!

Why didn't somebody tell me. I'm glad I got the next two days off. Let's see, costco opens in only 12 hours or so....