October 31st, 2004

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Turning loneliness into productivity

Dang I miss John.

So I've been keeping myself busy. Yesterday I went to Costco and Sam's Clubs to check out the prices on cameras. Still wavering as what to buy and where but I don't plan on buying for a month or two anyway.

I installed the closet organizer in our bedroom. Wow what a difference. Now I am trying to go through some of the old clothes and see what I can get rid of. Today I'm going to put together a book case for the guest room and go through some of the books and decide which to keep and what go to a yardsale.
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From Snopes.com (http://www.snopes.com/sports/football/election.asp)


Did you know....??

The Washington Redskins have proved to be a time-tested election predictor. In the previous 15 elections, if the Washington Redskins have lost their last home game prior to the election, the incumbent party has lost the White House. When they have won, the incumbent has stayed in power.

This election year, that deciding game takes place on Sunday, October 31 ... vs. Green Bay.

Go Pack!!!

So the Green Bay Packers Wipped them today.

PACKERS (4-4) 28
REDSKINS (2-5) 14
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day of the dead. remembering.

Unfortunately there are so many. But these are the ones I think about a lot.

Ken Day. A good friend.
John Scott Lynn. My best friends brother lost to AIDS.
Grandma Charlotte. Lost to Alzheimers, which is like loosing them twice.
Grandpa Glenn. Lost to Cancer.
Grandma Lou. Lost to Cancer.
Grandpa Johnson. Lost to Cancer.
Lucy Evans. Best Friend, Surrogate Grandmother. Lost to natural causes after a wonderful life.
Linsey Fallon. My 17 year old cousin lost in a car crash.
Billy Johnson. My 7 year old cousin ran over by a car. It's been over 25 years but it was the first death of somebody younger than me that I remember.

Bless you all.