July 5th, 2004

Me 2014

The weekend is slowly winding down...

Slept till 10:30 today. Woo Hoo.

Yesterday was the SVB Pool party. Had a lot of fun. Lots of sexy men including tallbearnc and rictus125. Soaked in the sun then lounged in the pool. What more fun could you have?

Came home last night and watched Six Feet Under and Queer as Folk, hit the hottub and then went to bed.

Today is catch up day. Finishing laundry, changing the bed, gathering info for our financial planning meeting tomorrow. It's into the shower now and then off to do errands.

Errands to do include Costco, OSH, and LUNCH!!!
Me 2014


Go to Googlism.com and Type in your name. List the top ten results. Bold those that you find interesting.

Googlism for: glenn

glenn is still larger
glenn is cool
glenn is a whodunnit mystery game set in a haunted english
glenn is a hunkmobile
glenn is something to rave about
glenn is a pirates fan
glenn is not dead
glenn is missing a photo
glenn is commencement speaker
glenn is a pimp
glenn is engaged to be married
glenn is training salud
glenn is on gramophone's cover
glenn is fitted in his space suit during preflight
glenn is fitted with space suit gloves during
glenn is politicsnj loser
glenn is again politicsnj loser
glenn is selected texas girls golf coach
glenn is still larger than life
glenn is abwa woman of the year
glenn is a joke
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