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June 26th, 2004

Happy Birthdays

Happy Birthday phyrehawk and get well too.

Happy Birthday jamesfowler

Jun. 26th, 2004

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<a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/broken_rook/33945.html">Danny Elfman is Love</a>

I think I found a home for my Pictures

I've been dealing with CD's and DVD's for too long. So I've decided to put my pictures online. I tried Ofoto but don't really care for it. I'll keep the free account. But I went with a paid account for Fotki.com

I only have one album up so far of pics from our Vegas trip in Feburary, but more to come soon.

Things to do today.

Get a haircut
Gather financial data for Meeting on Tuesday
Fix Sprinklers
Apply for position with CalpersCollapse )
Find Transcripts and mail to University of Phoenix.


Well I have been trying to get on with Univeristy of Phoenix to teach night classes. Both for a little extra money and for the experiance. Since this is the direction I want to go later on (I'd like to retire and teach at 55).

Well I finally got a notice from them. I've passed the first round and now I need to provide my transcripts for the Dean to review. Since I'm going out there on Monday to apply with Calpers, I'm going to drop it off in person.

Tomorrow is the Dead concert so we will probably leave at noon to start partying. Since I will be interviewing for the two above positions soon, I'll need to limit my recreational intake to alcohol. Bummer.

Well need to spend some time gathering financial data for our meeting with the financial planner on Tuesday.


It's a no hair day.

Went to get a hair cut. I had them almost remove it instead. Went down to a "0" blade.

Crappy Web Cam PicsCollapse )

New Icons

I was excited to find Graham Norton Icons. Woo Hoo!

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