June 2nd, 2004

John and Me

Wow. I never posted yesterday

Well yester day was busy at work.

Got a call from John in the morning that the spa guy called and was on his way. never heard from him again. This is turning into such a nightmare I have already written a letter to the spa company.

Cooked a turkey breast last night (in the microwave) and it was delicious. Had Turkey, Mashed Potatoes and string beans yum.

Today I have a Doctors appointment at 8:45 then it's back home to work my fingers to the bone. At least I am so busy at work right now I barely have time to hate it.

Oh and finally have vacation approved. We are going on vacation Labor day weekend. I just don't know where.

thumbs up

Zak Attack

A while back I posted Pics of Zak Spears with a shaved head. Well this morning will thumbing through Men Magazine while taking care of morning business I found an ad for his new movie. Damn I may actually have to buy this if I can't find it to rent. Guess I can't add it to my Amazon wish list.

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