May 13th, 2004


The wonders of working from home.

So working from home today waiting for the repairman to come fix the hot tub. (maybe he'll be hot).

Haven't got much work done but I have:

Burnt 2 cd's
copied 14 cd's to my hard drive (i'm just feeding them in one after another as I do other things)
Surfed for porn.
Caught up on email.
Caught up on LJ.
Applied for a job and working on second app.

Who says working from home isn't productive.
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Me 2014

Hot tub.

Well the hot tub guy showed up. He was skinny but not ugly. :)

But he couldn't fix it. He says he needs to turn it on it's side so will have to come back with someone else.


In other news, John is going to LA with his sister this weekend so I"m all alone. :(
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