April 20th, 2004


Going Going Gone.

Well it's official.

At about 7:10pm last night my Computer Died. I've disconnected it and am taking it back to Best Buy Tonight. Luckily I bought a warranty (which I never do). It has been acting up and the CD/DVD burner quit. Last night it decided it wouldn't see any peripherals at all.

Thanks to everyone who asked questions and I'll be answering them tonight.
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Prognosis Good

Good things don't usally happen this easy.

I took my PC to Best Buy Tonight and Explained that the CD/DVD Burner has quit working. The poked and prodded and wasted a CD-R to verify it was barfing when you tried to burn a CD. Then he said do you want us to replace it? I said "yeah that was the idea". He then proceeds to tell me they don't make these CD/DVD burners anymore so he will have to replace it with a FASTER one! WOO HOO. I will now have a 8xDVD burner instead of a 2x. In addition it burns both DVD-R and DVD+R. I should have it back tommorrow.

The bad news is he thinks he is going to have to reformat it to fix the other problem. It wont recognize the network card or the new USB 2.0 card I put in it.

Well it will hold me over till I save enough money to buy a new one.
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License Plates

Saw this on my way home from work tonight. How did that slip past the censors?


I got it right away. That's one of my favorite sayings. If you really don't know what it means click Collapse )