April 17th, 2004

Me 2014

Meme du Jour

Meme for you...
1. copy these instructions and the list below into your own lj.
2. add your name at the top of the list.
3. include one fact about yourself.
4. be brief, be honest, don't worry about being interesting.

fuzzface_63 - I love furry men.
jeffinthebox - My car is a dark green Jeep Liberty.
bigsabu - i lived in saudi arabia for a year and a half
standardtom - I am very fidgety; I'm almost never completely still
clovisbear - My sneezes always come in groups of three
scottbear2000 - I remember when I was a very young boy, I had an imaginary friend. His name was "baby ghost", and he was small and bright yellow. I usually carried him around in my hand or pocket.
pigboy74 - No body parts can hang over the edge of the bed. There are monsters underneath.
hrnybear - I am absolutely terrified, make that petrified, of snakes, even when they are on TV or in a movie.
craigferguson - I can easily obsess over office supplies (red swingline, thats me)
bunkytomnj - I used to have a CDL and drove a charter bus for 3 months.
redgtbear - I have taped over 700 episodes of the Carol Duvall Show.
epicurus88 - I want to reincarnate as a japanese school-girl... and giggle a lot.
bobo_dreams - my biggest fear is being alone...not single..alone.
irishchub - I am obsessed with Fozzy Bear
slacker_x - Body hair on guys turns me on.
ratboy77 - My hair never makes any sense.
perplexio - I hate snakes.
pixie_doolittle - I am scared of the dark.
enigmae - I fantasize often about skipping town.
lethebasii - I am allergic to Bell Peppers. ;)
shineyquarter - I used to burn myself all the time playing with fire.
peagles - I have size 13 (UK) feet.
darkmoon - I hate using telephones.
ktbee - I wanted a cat as a child.
duchessnora - There is cough drops and peanut butter on my desk.
devafall - I'm scared of being alone.
mslulu - I can't play the piano
elisandra - I never wanted a pony
sirnate13 - motion is my art form
thesenorita - i love back tickles
ducati - five years ago i almost drowned.
nattie - i hate being locked out.
striggy - i stick my tongue out when i'm concentrating.
neph13 - the ocean freaks me out.
superbestia - I have a weakness for redheads.
fulguritus - i wear safety pins to keep me safe.
nobodobodon - I am allergic to Bell Peppers.
Me 2014

wow. Tons of In-laws

Today is John's fathers Birthday. There is a big suprise party and family are coming in from all over (Canada, Ohio and San Diego). HIs family is pretty cool and I will be meeting some new people. Time for lots of food.