March 21st, 2004

Me 2014

try this

type your name into and see what you get.

here's mine I bolded the ones I like.

Googlism for: glenn johnson

glenn johnson is committed to all things football
glenn johnson is a big reason for indiana's dangerous passing attack
glenn johnson is assistant professor in the department of sociology
glenn johnson is the hoosiers top returning receiver having caught 21 passes last season for 229 yards and a touchdown
glenn johnson is proud to
glenn johnson is universally recognized as one of the absolute masters of his
glenn johnson is the team's leading returning receiver making 21 catches last season and will start on one side with inexperienced sophomore david lewis
glenn johnson is universally recognized as one
glenn johnson is universally recognized as
glenn johnson is standing next to a tamarack in a squishy peatland
glenn johnson is in the retail record business
glenn johnson is a dairy farmer
glenn johnson is a true success story
glenn johnson is interested in 3d
glenn johnson is universally recognized as one of the absolute masters of his art
glenn johnson is already the second
glenn johnson is our first choice for new teacher
glenn johnson is prepared to tell the senate committee he was ordered to shut down machinery for unneeded repairs
glenn johnson is a top notch space modeler and has been featured in fine scale modeler
glenn johnson is listed as the primary punt returner
glenn johnson is clearly your
glenn johnson is the ultimate role model
glenn johnson is there a cluster manager for freebsd that does job 2
glenn johnson is the dfi ak74
glenn johnson is featured in wide open news
glenn johnson is the master of ceremonies
glenn johnson is on the organising committee for the international congress of biometerology and international conference on urban climatology conference
glenn johnson is following
glenn johnson is responding
glenn johnson is generally acknowledged as the best training handbook available
Me 2014

it was on google it must be true.

Googlism for: fuzzface

fuzzface is a computer security engineer
fuzzface is notorious for having a very low input impedance
fuzzface is the side project of jim moginie
fuzzface is a very finicky
fuzzface is the first of two characters from the "yoyodyne" expansion published by john"'fuzzface" mcmahon
fuzzface is pellet filled
fuzzface is a mix of all earlier sky high styles it hosts both
fuzzface is not my main sound
fuzzface is an 18" bear with long
fuzzface is a tongue in cheek heist story following two renegade hair stylists as they take over a high street
fuzzface is still learning this stuff
fuzzface is now on red
fuzzface is now on blue
fuzzface is the eternal battle of good against evil and silliness
fuzzface is always good for a thrill
fuzzface is a cat
fuzzface is red and
fuzzface is dead again
fuzzface is dead… again
fuzzface is cool too
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