February 18th, 2004

John and Me

I'm Back

Wow what a trip.

Vegas was Fantastic. The weather was beautiful. We got there Friday night about 10:30. Got to the Hotel and checked in. Then we just wandered. It was not very crowded on friday night for some reason. We checked out some casino's and gamble till about 2:30. Went back to the room and fooled around. It was great.

Saturday (Valentines Day) we just spent the day wandering. Went to the Palms casion (off the strip, owned by the Maloofs who own the Sacramento Kings). John hit a $250 jackpot. Woo Hoo. We ate lunch then went back to the hotel showered and fooled around. Got dressed and headed off to see Bette. We stopped and ate at Panda Express (what a romantic valentine dinner I know). We got to the concert and it started late around 8:30. The show was just fantastic. Bette is such a performer. The concert lasted till about 11pm. We then wandered more casinos and checked out the cute guys. Unlike Friday saturday was CROWDED.

Sunday was a day of rest, sort of. Had the best buffet at the Alladin. There was Chineese, Indian, Mexican, Italian and American. I ate so much it! Then we walked out to the Hilton. We checked out Quarks Bar and the Star Trek Shops. John was of course disappointed that the Borg Ride didn't open till March. We are already planning to go back so we can go on it.

We went to see Mamma Mia and it was a lot of fun. We were in the front row so it was an eye full also. Some of them guys just looked delicious in those swim suits. YUM.

The rest of the weekend we just ate and gambled.
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