February 11th, 2004

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Stranger in a Strange land.

Although my husband and I are alike in so many ways, (both Pisces, looks similar that we are mistaken for brothers, love Sci Fi), there is one thing in which we are diametrically opposites and it is Technology.

I have had a computer since I was 16. I spent hours in chat rooms and surfing the web. Yes those were the days before Netscape and IE where you had to use Gopher. I love electronic gadgets - PDA's, Cell Phones, etc.

So today I was feeling romantic and sent John a song on his Cell phone ("I just called to say I love you"). So he calls me at work and asks what do you want? So I said what do you mean. He says well I see you called. I said well I sent you a message. Why he say's you mad at me? No, I said just wanted to send you a message, you need to look listen to it. He said OK and hung up. Ten minutes later he calls and says the message didn't go through. So I wasted $1.50 trying to be romatic electronically. Guess I'll head to Hallmark at Lunch.
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John and Me

It's Wednesday. And I feel like rambling.

Wednesday is usually my work from home day. So usually right about now I haven't showered or dressed. Today I am at work and wearing clothes. YUK.

So I was thinking on the way to work this will be our 6th Valentines Day together. Nobody says wow you and your husband have been together a long time. My sister was married for 3 years and my parents were like estatic (well she does have two cute kids as a result of the marriage the only good thing to come out of it). Her marriage was a rocky one. The relationship was bad and actually lasted on and off for over 15 years. Her ex was my best friend as a kid. He was abusive and became a drug addict. Today he lives in his car. My dad has said he thinks marriage should between men and women and for having kids. Well he and my mom have been un-happily married for 43 years now.

This weekend we are going to Vegas. I didn't plan it as a Valentine trip. When I heard Bette was going to be in Vegas I knew I wanted to see her. I bought the tickets (for a lot of money), then got over my buyers remorse and booked the flight. After that I realized the whole flying on Friday the thirteenth and it being Valentines Day, and Presidents Day weekend. Well I then got on line and found a Hotel (ouch) expensive but Nice.

So now I'm thinking all those couples are going to be there and getting married and I can't. Don't get me wrong, we had a ceromony, and I was surprised that my sister was upset that she wasn't invited. My mom said oh how sweet and that was it. But truth is I want to Celebrate our relationship. After all isn't that what marriage is about? Gathering with family and friends and proclaiming your love for each other?

So how would allowing me to validate my relationship be allowing me special rights? I don't want special rights, I want validation and acceptance.

We need gay marriage.

And if any of you are in Sacramento (and not going to IBR). This weekend there is a gathering at the Capital to support Domestic Partnership rights.
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"I know what nobody knows
Where it comes and where it goes
I know it’s everybody’s sin
You got to lose to know how to win"
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Dear Microsoft.

Since you seem to know what your problem is why don't you fix it????

Buffer Overrun
An attack in which a malicious user exploits an unchecked buffer in a program and overwrites the program code with their own data. If the program code is overwritten with new executable code, the effect is to change the program's operation as dictated by the attacker. If overwritten with other data, the likely effect is to cause the program to crash.

Arg. Another day another patch.
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Oingo Boingo - RIP.

You are Danny Elfman!!

That's right, you are the man himself, you lucky dog. You can do ANYTHING that you put your mind to, literally... in fact, you teach yourself all of the instruments you pla, write all your own music and lyrics... and even compose movie scores! Besides being incredibly cute, you're one of the most musically talented people in the world... even if a lot of people don't know who you are, hey: they still know your music!

Which Boingo Guy Are You?

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