February 10th, 2004

Me 2014

Another day and I need a drink.

Long ass meeting this morning. Over slept cause the dog decided she had to pee at 5am and then wouldn't come back in. So I woke up at 6:45 when this is when I am usually leaving. Had some wierd dreams last night but know I don't remember them.

Got a thanks but no thanks email from SMUD for the job I applied for.

Checked Monster.com looks like a couple of good jobs. Applied to Teach with University of Phoenix. That would be cool to build up some spare cash.

Well back to work.

Vacation in 3 days. Yeah!
Me 2014

way too much information about me.

Stolen from lazyfox

* spell your first name backwards: -- nosnhoj
* the story behind your lj user name: -- Many years ago a woman I work with commented "when are you going to shave that fuzz off your face??" and it stuck.
* are you a gay?: -- A gay? Im a gay man. So is my boyfriend/husband/signifigant other
* where do you live?: -- Elk Grove, CA
* describe yourself in four words: -- sarcastic, fun, loyal, geek

describe your...
* wallet: -- Black leather trifold too full of crap
* hairbrush: -- Bald - Duh!
* jewelry worn daily: -- Gold Chain, White Gold Bracelet, Wedding Ring, and Claddagh
* pillow cover: -- Hum...Don't know off the top of my head and not home but it's flannel.
* blanket: -- Down Comforter
* coffee cup: -- "always be yourself, unless you suck mug" Joss Weadon quote.
* sunglasses: --Oakley
* underwear: -- Nope.
* boots: -- Many pairs of cowboy boots. Suede Hiking boots. Leather Work Boots.
* handbag: -- Nope.
* favourite shirt: -- "Poofy The Bigot Slayer" T-Shirt.
* cologne/perfume: -- Obsession for Men (Rarely wear it).
* cd in stereo right now: -- Abba - Greatest Hits
* tattoos: -- Tigger on shoulder
* piercings: -- Left Earlob
* what you are wearing now: -- brown socks, black leather deck shoes, olive 501's, green stripped knight shirt.
* hair: -- very little of it. Black Crew cut #0 grown out way too long.
* makeup: -- None
* in my mouth: --Teeth
* in my head: -- Grey Matter
* wishing: -- That Bush gets defeated.
* after this: -- waste another hour till I go home
* talking to: -- Self
* eating: -- Nothing.
* fetishes: -- Leather, Jockstraps, Armpits, Furry Men etc.
* if you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason?: -- Don't think I could.
* what's next to you: -- Very Messy Desk, with work I should be doing.
* some of your favourite movies: -- LOTR - ROTK, Anything by John Hughes (pretty in pink, breakfast club, about last night), Serial MOM!!!
* something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month: -- Going to Vegas on friday and Seeing Bette Midler!!!!!!
* something that you are deathly afraid of: -- being trapped in small places
* do you like candles?: -- yes.
* do you like hot wax?: -- not really.
* do you like incense?: -- yes.
* do you like the taste of blood?: -- no.
* do you believe in love?: -- Definitely.
* do you believe in soul mates?: -- Have one.
* do you believe in love at first sight?: -- Been there done that still with him.
* do you believe in forgiveness?: -- Yes. Takes way too much energy to remain mad.
* who is your worst enemy?: -- Myself
* if you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?: -- Large Cat.
* what are five cities you wouldn't mind relocating to? -- Chicago, Long Beach, Mazatlan, Atlanta, Key West.
* what are some of your favourite pig out foods?: -- Cheese, Pasta.
* what's something you wish you could understand better? -- Why people hate us.
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