February 9th, 2004

Me 2014

I'm declaring it Glenn Doesn't have to work day.

Today I think I'll just sit at my desk and pretend to work. Of course if I do this there is a chance I will be mistaken for a Manager.

I'm tired. Weekend was good. Spent time with my sister on Saturday. Then John and I pretty much vegged the rest of the weekend. We went shopping yester at Trader Joes and the Natural food co-op.

I did my taxes but haven't submitted them yet. Need to give them the re-look tonight and get them submitted. Looks like I'll have enough to get my new washer and dryer!! WOOO HOOO.

Chatted with a few people last night on Yahoo Messenger. Chatted with gingindccub and polardemonwolf.

went Down stairs and Played Dungeons and Dragons on X-BOX till 11:30 (maybe that's why I'm tired).

Me 2014

Cause it's better than working.

A-Z...stolen from widespreadcub

A - Age:40
B - Band listening to right now: Matchbox 20
C - Career in future: Teacher
D - Dad's name: William
E - Easiest person to talk to: Ann
F - Favorite song at the moment: Seasons of Love - Rent
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Bears They are fun to play with. You can bite their heads off an interchange them. You can put them in compromising 69 positions.
H - Hometown: Folsom, California
I - Instruments: Guitar
J - Job title: Programmer Analyst
K - Kids: Nope. Nada. Never.
L - Longest car ride ever: Folsom, California to Salt Lake City Utah 13 hours.
M - Mom's name: Glenda
N - Number of siblings: 1 Older Sister
O - Oldest sibling: Ronda
P - Phobia[s]: Crowded places, small spaces.
Q - Quote you like: The God I believe in Isn't short of cash. - Bono
R - Reason to smile: John
S - Song you sang last: Fever
T - Time you wake up: 6 am
U - Unknown fact about me: um, i'm sure it's all out there in a database somewhere.
V - Vegetable you hate: Purple Ones.
W - Worst habit: Procrastination
X - X-rays you've had: Chest, head, foot, throat.
Y - Yummy food: Cheese, Pasta.
Z - Zodiac sign: Pisces
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A Valentine to my Sweetie.

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#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
<blockquote>int count
for (count=1; count < 1000; count++)
<blockquote>printf("I Love You John!",/n);
return 0;

<img src="http://picayune.uclick.com/comics/ft/2003/ft031003.gif" alt="">
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Me 2014

well. never thought I was that kinky.

Your kinky sex score was 490!

Here is the chart so that you can see how you are rated:

Under 100 You need to lighten up and live a little!
100 to 200 You have an average sex drive in need of kink.
201 to 300 You have sweet hints of a kinky nature.
300 to 400 You are definitely a kinky player.
400 to 500 You are a major league kinkster!
500 or more Wow! You're too kinky for most!!!
600 or more SUPER FREAK ALERT! You da BOMB!
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