January 16th, 2004

Me 2014


Woke up late.
Have no energy today.
I have to work tomorrow and I don't get monday off.

This sucks.
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Me 2014

almost over.

what a week. Finished peer reviews. Loan is approved. Looking forward to the HOT TUB.

Weekend plans are working tomorrow and starting to clean and organize the house. It's such a mess. I am going to look at my budget and figure out how I can get a cleaning person. I hate to dust. If I didn't have so much crap. Gotta stop being a packrat!!!

My sister is really sick. Mom is supposed to be sending Dad to the store for her. I think I will stop by tonight and check on her. May even take my nephews for the weekend to give her some time to rest. Course that means I wouldn't get to play the XBOX.
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Me 2014

I'm an XBOX widower

Well the husband found out the new Star Trek game came out tonight so we had to run to Best Buy. He's been down stairs playing it for the last 3 hours. Hope he knows he's gonna put out tonight. ;)
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