January 15th, 2004

Me 2014

Happy Thought for the day.

Found a new radio station last night on the way home. 103.9 (Sacramento area). It's playing all 80's music. Looks like they are going to play 10,000 songs without comercials. I'm in heaven. :)
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    INXS - What you need
Me 2014


I need some. This diet sucks.

Think I'm going to have to break into the emergency herb supply....
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    Nora Jones - I don't know why.
Me 2014

I'm a fiend

Neberu: The Fiends

The Fiends directed the course of the sun, moon and
stars. They were the bearers of the complex
patterns that governed the tides, seasons and
portents of Heaven. Where they were once
oracles dispensing wisdom and warnings, they
are now the masters of nightmares and curses.

Choose your Place in Hell.
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    AC/DC - Thunderstruck
Me 2014

a brain cell lives.

Little girl starts fires,
All her friends call her liar,
Puff, Puff, face of red,
All her little friends are dead.

Strange. Wrote that about 25 years ago and it just popped into my head again.
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