He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

a meme a day

It's been a while since I did one. Got this from gooeygomo who got it from discowoof

1. Give up your job so he could take one in a city far away? Yes.
2. Commit and actually be happy with monogomy? Um. No.
3. Get something pierced because he though it was hot? Yes. I wish he did.
4. Trust him enough to be faithful so you could play without condoms? Yes.
5. Pay the majority of the bills if you were the bread winner or would it have to be equal? I do.
6. Support him if he became unemployed or could not work? Yep.
7. Allow him the sexual freedom to do what he wanted if he needed it to be happy even at the expense of your jealousy? Yes.
8. Meet his parents (at some holiday function) knowing they disapprove of him being gay? Been there done that!
9. Let him change his appearance drastically (like shave off all his facial or body hair)? Sure. I love the man not the look.
10. Change your appearance drastically to please him (like lose weight or shave you body hair)? Yes and No. Sure I'd loose weight for him. But it's just appearance. Hope he is in love with me not my appearance.
11. Send him flowers on Valentime's day, even if he never sent them to you and always forgot the holiday? Shhhh! They are on the way. A dozen red roses will be delivered to his work tomorrow.
12. Be ok with him being really close friends (and hanging out a lot with) his ex? Luckily he doesn't have an ex. Cause this would be a no.
13. Be ok with him being bisexual and staring at women in public? YUCK!
14. Indulge some fetish of his that you not only were not into but really didn't like? Yep.
15. Let him move into your house and not pay rent? Yes
16. Be ok with him dating other people until he found out what he wanted? Nope
17. Tell him he was really bad at something if he geniunely thought he was good at it? Yeah, but I can be too honest sometimes.
18. Pretend to enjoy something (like sports) because he was really into it? Yes.
19. Live with him at his families house? Mother yes. Father No.
20. Tell him if you really disliked one of his best friends? probably.

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