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One Year a Reflections

So it has been one year. I'm don't quite remember what brought me to LJ. I do believe I had heard Paul (bigredpaul) talk about it when we carpooled together. Back then LJ was kinda elite and you could only join if someone who was a member gave you a "token" and you could join. But soon they are they opened it to anyone could join. It was December and work was slow so I joined. I only made a handful of posts in the first few months but then it became more regular.

Since this is going to be a long rambling post I'll do some "LJ Cuts"

<td nowrap="noWrap" align="right">Date created:</td>
<td colspan="2">2003-12-30 13:15:35</td></tr>
<td nowrap="noWrap" align="right">Date updated:</td>
<td colspan="2">2004-12-30 11:51:36, 4 hours ago</td></tr>
<td nowrap="noWrap" align="right">Journal entries:</td>
<td colspan="2">691</td></tr>
<td align="right">Comments:</td>
<td colspan="2">Posted: 1,694 - Received: 1,412</td>

# of LJ'ers I have met - 3
# of LJ'ers I realized I had seen before - 8
# of times I accidently posted naked pictures of myself to my journal - 2 (you woulda thought I learned the first time)
# LJ Friends - 267
# of people who have Friended me - 159
# of Journal posts I regret posting - 0
# of Journal Posts I regret not posting - 5

1.) There are a lot of cool people out there.
2.) I need to open up more
3.) Posting naked pictures of yourself is the best way to get friended.
4.) People come and go. Don't try to figure out why or if it was something you did.
5.) There are some people who find me attractive (which I still don't understand)
6.) Posting to a journal can be very cathartic for lack of a better word.
7.) A lot of people care about other people.
8.) There are some real freaks out there.

1.) I need to be more gregarious. I really am shy and find it hard to make friends.
2.) Organize/Attend a LJ meet up.
3.) Post more about how I feel.

Well that's all I can think of for now. Thanks for reading this "state of the lj" message.

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