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I'm sitting here at work.

First Notice I did not say I am working.  I'm pretty much just sitting here surfing the web.  Caught up on all "non-naughty" friends posts.  I've searched for jobs.  I ate a huge breakfast burrito and I'm just finishing my coffee.  There are no bosses here today so we all just took a vote and we are leaving at noon. 

When I was growing up Christmas was huge.   My Grandmother had 12 siblings and my Grandfather (both on my mothers side) had 13 siblings.  We lived about 4 blocks from my Great Grandmothers house and right next door to my Grandparents.   All this led to huge family gatherings at Christmas.  Up until the time I was about 12 I don't think a spent Christmas with less than 50 people.  Right around that time the inevietable happened.  Death.  Slowly over the years this large family dissapated.  The grandchildren had their own families and we no longer met as a group.  To this day I still have fond memories of huge family gatherings and all the stories, singing and food.   Christmas is always an emotional time for me, today I heard that song about the boy wanting to buy his mother shoes for Christmas and cried.

"I'm not whining, I'm blogging"

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