He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

I ♥ Vacation

Well it is officially comming to a bitter end.   My week of vacation is over and I have acomplished nothing.  This stupid computer is whipping my ass.  I offically am taking it into Fry's and let them deal with it.  Yesterday I took the mother board and video card in and had them checked.  They checked out fine.  Finally I realized it was the freaking power supply.  I bought a new case today and reassembled it.  It now boots up but then posts and shuts down.  I just don't have the energy to deal with it anymore.

Tonight I have a massage. :)

I think I'm going to order dinner from Outback Steakhouse and pick it up.

Tomorrow I am taking my nephews to see The Hives which I'm really not thrilled about.   Not only do I think their music sucks none of them are even decent looking.  Oh well I have my earplugs and I can always play games on my iPAQ.

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