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Vacation Update

Pretty much haven't done a damn thing. I bought a new motherboard, chip and memory for my computer. When I got it all put together the mofo doesn't work. I'm pretty certain it is the motherboard but don't really want to take it all apart take one piece back and try again. I called Fry's and the will run diagnostics on it for $69. I think i'm going to take it in and have that done. Of course since it's down I can't deal with any of the porn on it. Oh well guess if they get nosey they will get an eye full.

Monday went to the gym. Watched an old man jackoff in the shower while looking at me.

I was going to post this yesterday but just never got around to it.

Tuesday night we were in the back of the house watching tv when the doorbell rang. It was about 9:30 pm and I knew it wasn't anybody I knew. I figured maybe a neighbor telling us a tree blew down or something. We live right across the street from a park. When I answered the door an a guy in his late 20's/early 30's was there and aked if i had a phone he could use. When I asked what for he said they need an ambulance and about that time his friend stepped forward. He had a hankerchief or something on his head and took it off to show me about a 6" gash running up his forehead. He was drunk and beligerant and bleeding and there was no way I was letting him in the house. So I went to get the phone of which I couldn't find. I called 911 and told them I needed an ambulance. They guy proceeded to lay down on my front porch. This caused a problem as I have a security door that opens out and I know could not open it. Finally after being jerked around by 911 (sometimes I wonder about those people). They transfered me to the fire department and I gave them my information and they said they would be on their way. The fire department is less than a mile away. It is actually on the same street as me. I waited to hear sirens but it was a good 10 minutes before we heard any. Then 2 fire trucks, 1 police chief vehicle and 2 cops showed up. By this time the guy was a little delerious (he had taken a pretty good blow to the head). Well of course all the firemen were cute (and I wanted to get my camera but figured that just wouldn't be right). The proceeded to check the guy out. While questining him he said he was alergic to Haldol. Scary. why does he know what Haldol is and why has he taken it to know he's alergic. Second when they asked him if he had done any drugs today he said no. When asked if he had been drinking he said about a half a bottle of Jack Daniels. Then the asked him if he had smoked pot and he said yeah but that's not a drug. When asked if he had done any crank he answered "no not today". All the time this was going on John and I are sitting on the stairs watching through the metal storm door. Our trusty dog got scared and went upstairs to her room and went to bed. Well they finally strapped him to gurney asked us if we knew who he was and I said no I just answered the door and there he was. And then just like that they all left.

Yesterday I got some laundry done. Doing some more today. But I really do need to do something besides surf the web and jack off. So guess I'll get moving and take this piece of shit computer to Fry's. Then I think I'll hit the gym again. I also need to call CompUSA and find out what is the story with my laptop.

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