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my Wallet

Read this, then copy and paste into an entry, but change the answers

What’s in your wallet?

Cash: 1 20 dollar bill. Wow where did that come from, Ihardly every carry cash.
AAA Card: Expires Jan 2004
Star Wars Mastercard
Golden 1 Check Card (2 of em)
Schools Credit Union Check Card
Costco American Express
Block Buster $5 gift card
1 Bank receipts.
CA Drivers License
1 Reciept From Spa Shop
Prescription Card
Blockbuster Card
Entertainment Card
American Express Corporate Card
Club Bev Card
Hallmark Card
Sam's Club Card (Expired need to take it out)
BMW Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Card
Cigna Health Card
Picture of John & Me
Golden 1 ATM card (differnet from the 2 above. I wish they would issue one card for all accounts.)
$10 Century Theatre Gift Certificate.
Steam Works Membership Card
24 hour Nautilus Card
Some other Mens Club Card

That's a lot of crap.

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