He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Vacation Update

Really never posted with details of the vacation.

Friday John unexpectedly got the day off. Plan was to leave after work so instead we left about 10 am. We reached the LA area around 3:30 and had no Idea where we were going to go or stay. I asked John if He had ever been to Hollywood and he said no. We now had a destination. We arrived in Hollywood and parked the car. We wandered the streets looking at the Walk of Fame and Grohm's Chinese Theater
The Govenators handprints.

Tiggers Picture on Walt Disney's Star.

We ate at California Pizza Kitchen and then popped into an internet cafe where we paid $3 to surf the web and find a hotel. We booked a hotel in West Hollywood. We headed over to WeHo and wander for a good part of the night. It is a nice relaxed place to be. After that we went back to the hotel and had some hot man on man hotel sex. Oh so good!

Saturday we headed to San Diego. We checked into the hotel and wandered the streets. Nothing to exciting just a relaxing day.

Sunday we decided to take a Trolley tour of San Diego. We stopped in Old San Diego (where I spotted a man wearing a kilt! yum!) and then went on to Del Coronado. In Del Coronodo John got a call from his mom telling him his grandmother had passed away that morning. (we were heading to see her on Monday). We talked and decided we would finish the day but give up the room that night (it sucked, don't ever stay in the Comfort Inn in San Diego). We headed to Temecula to see his mom. We hung out Sunday night with his mom and his aunts.

On Monday John had a Pampered Chef Party to benifit the club his mother belongs to.

Tuesday we visited some more with his mom then headed off to Disneyland!

We wandered downtown Disney for a while then had dinner and went back to the hotel (for some more hotel sex, thanks.)

Wednesday we hit California Adventure and rode as many rides as we could. The new Hollywood Tower Ride was cool, but I don't think it was as good as the one in Orlando.

Thursday John's Mom and Aunt Casey met us (the book a room at the hotel across the street) and we wandered the parks with them.

Friday more adventuring and then to bed.

Saturday we drove home.

Oh and by the way it was freeking hot. Never have I been at Disneyland when it was so hot.

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