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Went to Music Circus Last night and saw the Fantasticks.   Supprisingly it was the longest running musical and I've never really heard much about it.  It was a good show.  Right before the last song the fire alarm went off and they evacuated the building.   We were standing outside for about 15 minutes before they let us back in.   The restarted the show and it was kinda amazing how the actors fell right back into their parts.  Well they only had two songs left in the act then a 20 minute intermission.    Well all this pushed the show out a lot later than expected.  We got out at 10:40.  I had to take my sister and Derek home and then drive all the way home (why did I offer to drive?).  So needless to say I didn't get home till right before 1 am.   I am so dragging today.

Just got a note from my Boss saying I need to do my Midyear Self assessment.  AND HAVE IT DONE BY JULY 27th.   Oh yeah I'll work on it while I'm at Dore Alley. 

I gotta find a new job!

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