He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

June is busting out all over.

Well this is my catch up post. Yesterday we made the drive after work up to John's sister's house in Cool for his Nephew's birthday. I had stopped after work with friends for a few cocktails since it was easier to wait for John to pick me up then try to drive home and back. Well I had 5 drinks and was pretty lit. (but no naked pictures were taken!)

I have a sneaking hunch the reason I've not been feeling well this week is due to my new Blood Pressure medication. I felt better yesterday and noticed this morning I had missed that pill. I'm giving it a couple more days and then if I don't feel better I'm not taking it anymore.

Nothing really eventfull has happened this week.

Just got done with my massage so now I'm relaxed but horny. John is getting his massage now. Then it's off to the hot tub, a little sex and off to bed!


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